A lot of our time on social media is spent “liking” photos posted by friends – you know, their cute pics of pets, babies, meals and vacations.

But if you’re really looking for some visual inspiration, we suggest following some of the many fabulous Israeli photo groups on Facebook and Instagram.

Especially now, with incoming tourism just being given permission in dribbles, these photo collections offer eye-popping views of Israel that are the next best thing to being here.

We’ve listed a few favorites with sample shots from each, including both professional and amateur photographers.

Do you follow other social media pages devoted to Israeli photography? Tell us about your favorites in the comments section below.


This private Facebook group, with nearly 108,000 members, was created on May 31, 2015 by Ayala Masuri “for the love and care of nature.”

Nature Israel is the place to find the most consistently stunning images of outdoor Israel from a wide range of talented contributors. Each month, more than 4,000 photos are uploaded.

We chose a few (with difficulty!) to whet your appetite.

Atalia Nitzan’s gorgeous fall foliage picture was featured on Nature Israel.
Alexandr Troshev, a frequent contributor to Nature Israel, took this picture of lilies blooming on the water’s surface.
This sunset scene off the coast of Jisr az-Zarqa was shot by Zeev Gazit and shared on Nature Israel.
A rose-ringed parakeet having lunch on a telephone wire in Ramat Hasharon. Photo by Aviv Yam-Shahor on Nature Israel


Using only her iPhone and her keen eye for composition, architectural engineer Dina Alfasi snaps one award-winning portrait after another of fellow passengers on her commute to work in Haifa from her home in Hadera.

The most recent of her many national and international prizes was a third-place finish in the “Urbanism and Culture” category in the 2021 Local Testimony photojournalism competition.

“It seems to me that I just bring in moments that people no longer pay attention to in their daily lives,” Alfasi told ISRAEL21c. “Little magic moments that are in front of us all the time. Just look.”

Follow Alfasi on Facebook and Instagram. Click here to see more of her work featured on ISRAEL21c.

“Sunday.” Photo by Dina Alfasi
“Sign of the Times.” Photo by Dina Alfasi


Professional photographer Noam Chen often combines different exposures to capture the contrast between highlights and shadows. The results are spectacular.

“The camera’s sensor doesn’t always catch what your eye sees, so you have to work on it afterward to accentuate colors and bring back to life what you saw and what you felt,” says Chen. “The most important thing it to keep it real.”

You can see Noam Chen’s work on Facebook and Instagram. Click here to see his photos of stunning fairytale locations in Israel.

A candid prayer shot one morning on the Armon Hanatziv promenade in Jerusalem. Photo © Noam Chen
Jerusalem’s Christmas market, December 2021. Photo © Noam Chen
Migdal Afek, a Crusader fortress recently restored and reopened to the public, just outside Rosh HaAyin in central Israel. Photo © Noam Chen


Israel with Eliyokim provides a forum for amateur photographers to display their depictions of Israel. Founder Eliyokim Cohen also posts his own shots and chooses outstanding images from free photo sites.

“My goal is to show the world the sheer beauty and majesty that is the Land of Israel,” Cohen tells ISRAEL21c.

“From the ancient wonders of Jerusalem to the modern vibrance of Tel Aviv, each picture I choose hopefully has the ability to take people away to a place in their minds that captures their imagination.”

“Jerusalem Stone” by Laura Siegal on Israel with Eliyokim
“A View from My Room in Netanya” by Eliyokim Cohen
A scene in Caesarea. Photo by Steven Grossman via Israel with Eliyokim


Professional photographer and video editor Roni Kiperman shows Israel from a bird’s eye view on his Facebook and Instagram sites. His nearly 20,000 Instagram followers also receive tips for better photography and photo editing.

Kiperman’s unique from-the-sky photos are taken across the country using an EVOPRO 2 drone and a Sony A7II camera.

“I really hope my art makes people smile and discover places they knew a little differently,” he says.

Click here to see more of Kiperman’s work that we’ve featured on ISRAEL21c.

An overhead view of the Greek Orthodox Mar Saba Monastery in the Judean Desert between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. Photo © Roni Kiperman
An overhead view of Kibbutz Nir David in the Beit She’an Valley. Photo © Roni Kiperman
Cleopatra Pool on the coast of Caesarea. Photo © Roni Kiperman


SPNI regularly posts awesome images of natural life in Israel on its Facebook page. More than 13,000 followers have discovered this gem so far.

A swamp cat catches dinner in the Jezreel Valley. Photo by Liron Shapira via SPNI
Roee Abraham took this romantic image shared on SPNI’s Facebook page.


Yoni Art Company, aka Israeli-American photographer Yoni Schwartzman, launched the Israel Photography blog on Facebook in 2017 as a way to share his travels with family and friends.

“Since then, my fanbase has quadrupled in size [to about 2,500] and I have been using this wonderful opportunity to show the world the many faces of Israel that they won’t see on tours or in books,” he tells ISRAEL21c.

“Israel Photography is an ongoing art exhibition, a never-ending adventure throughout the entire Land of Israel from the perspective of a seasoned tour guide and a veteran photographer, artist and writer.”

“Overgrown Stairs” near the Banias Falls, Golan Heights. Photo © Yoni Schwartzman of Yoni Art Company on Israel Photography
“Summer in Tel Aviv” photo © Yoni Schwartzman of Yoni Art Company on Israel Photography
“Shy Turtle” on Palmachim Beach. Photo © Yoni Schwartzman of Yoni Art Company on Israel Photography


Nof Ayalon resident Tzippi Schechet started the Facebook group View from My Mirpeset in September 2020 as a forum for sharing photos from the mirpeset, Hebrew for “porch” or “balcony.”

This was her answer to the social constraints of the pandemic when people couldn’t visit each other freely during the Sukkot holiday.

The group has grown in scope and geography – it now has 1,400 members, some outside of Israel, and the photos are no longer limited to what people see from home. But it’s still a great place to find beautiful amateur snapshots of the outdoors.

Joe Aminoff took this picture in Jerusalem’s Meah She’arim neighborhood and shared it on View from My Mirpeset.
“Sunset over the Mediterranean” by Asher Ashkenazi via View from my Mirpeset.
Desert flowers at sunset in Gush Etzion south of Jerusalem. Photo by Rachel Goldstein via View from My Mirpeset