The fall 2019 Cool Vendors list released by the US-based Gartner research and advisory firm includes 23 Israeli startups among about 300 altogether.

To be considered a Cool Vendor, Gartner says the startup “must be considered innovative or transformative for products, services or initiatives.” Nominated vendors must be less than 10 years old with annual revenue less than $100 million.

The technologies providing the “base for coolness in 2019” were artificial intelligence (AI), digital workplace, digital ethics, security and digital business transformation.

The Israeli Cool Vendors and categories are:

Anyvision (AI for Computer Vision): facial, body and object recognition in challenging scenarios, such as crowded environments
Atidot (Insurance): software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that uses predictive analytics to provide more meaningful insights into life insurance companies’ data (AI Core Technologies): ready-to-use, highly accurate and explainable AI applications for enterprises
Cappitech (Banking): advanced data aggregation, analysis and reporting embedded with machine learning to monetize compliance data
cClearly (AI for customer analytics)
ciValue (Retail for Excellent Execution of Customer Expectations)
Context Space (Privacy Management)
Cubed Mobile (Communications Service Provider Business Operations)
Curv (Blockchain Security and Privacy)
Deceptive Bytes (Security Operations and Threat Intelligence)
Duality (Privacy Preservation in Analytics)
Mmuze (Conversational Platforms) intelligent voice and chat assistance for digital commerce
NanoScent (Novel Sensors): AI-powered sensors to detect volatile organic compounds
OrCam (Banking): advanced wearable AI devices with the potential to help banks engage with an estimated 1 billion visually impaired people worldwide
Panoply (Data Management)
Perimeter 81 (Network and Cyber-Physical Systems Security)
Puresec (Network and Cyber-Physical Systems Security)
Sealights (Application Development and Platforms): machine learning and AI tools to make testing more intelligent through analytics
Silverfort (Identity and Access Management)
Sixgill (Security Operations and Threat Intelligence)
Spotinst (Cloud Computing)
Unbound (Blockchain Security and Privacy)
Vulcan Cyber (Security and Risk Management)

Epsagon (automated tracing for cloud microservices) was named a Cool Vendor in performance analysis. Headquartered in San Francisco, it was listed as an American company but has its R&D in Tel Aviv.