October 12, 2020, 7:59 am

Established in 1953, The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) is the main address for protecting and preserving Israel’s natural resources, environment, natural assets and unique landscape.

SPNI runs educational programs, ecological centers, birdwatching and ringing stations, field schools and other programs in addition to maintaining its world-renowned Israel National Trail.

A view of snow-capped Mount Hermon in northern Israel. Photo by Dov Greenblat/SPNI

The organization’s recent achievements include a joint mission with the IDF to feed an orphaned griffon vulture chick via drone; persuading Israeli lawmakers to ban quail and dove hunting; and working with Mekorot, Israel’s national water company, to reduce light pollution that interferes with natural cycles such as bird migration.

Cranes in Agamon-Hula Lake. Photo by Dov Greenblat/SPNI
Pelicans at Agamon-Hula Lake. Photo by Dov Greenblat/SPNI

On September 9, SPNI won the Shimon Peres Prize, established by the German Federal Foreign Office in cooperation with the German-Israeli Future Forum Foundation, for its Environmental Educational Partnership between youth in the two countries.

A falcon birdhouse in Israel. Photo courtesy of SPNI

Due to the pandemic bringing travel to a halt, SPNI offers English-language virtual tours and talks such as “The Secret Lives of Israel’s Wild Mammals” and “Birds and Birding of the Holyland.” To register for upcoming events or to watch past webinars, click here.

A common kingfisher in Jerusalem’s Gazelle Valley. Photo by Dov Greenblat/SPNI
Residents of Jerusalem’s Gazelle Valley practicing social distancing. Photo by Dov Greenblatt/SPNI

Pandemic permitting, SPNI is planning a Southern Discovery tour in March 2021. The itinerary includes the Dead Sea, Masada and Machtesh Ramon as well as SPNI projects including the International Eilat Birding and Research Center, Hazeva Field School in the Arava and the Evrona reserve clean up project. For information, contact lawrence@spni.org.il or click here.

Ibex in the Negev. Photo by Avital Blitz
A view of the Arava Desert. Photo by Dov Greenblat/SPNI

Following are more SPNI photographs showing the beauty of Israel’s landscape and wildlife from north to south all year round.

An Israeli jackal. Photo by Steve Garbie/SPNI
A Danaus chrysippus butterfly in Israel. Photo by Dov Greenblat/SPNI
A river frog in Gazelle Valley, Jerusalem. Photo by Dov Greenblat/SPNI
Cyclamens blooming in Israel. Photo by Dov Greenblat/SPNI

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The Hula Valley bathed in pink light. Photo courtesy of SPNI
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