With Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, just around the corner, it is both a time of celebration and reflection. Characterized by sweet traditional foods like apples, honey and pomegranate seeds, Rosh Hashana – which means “Head of the Year” – is a chance to wish for a sweet year ahead.

In addition to the sounds of the shofar, set the right mood for your holiday season with this playlist of songs that represent the sweet, the contemplative and the joyous vibes of Rosh Hashana.

Want to know which Israeli songs topped the local charts during the last Jewish year? The Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers of Music (ACUM) in Israel recently revealed that the two top tunes were Omer Adam’s “Shnei Meshugaim” (“Two Crazy People”) and Netta Barzilai’s Eurovision hit, “Toy.”