Tel Aviv is nothing if not photogenic. With a sparkling ocean coastline and a cityscape comprised of skyscrapers, there are countless photo opportunities around the city.

However, there are a handful of spots that are especially noteworthy when it comes time to decide what to share on social media.

Whether you head south to the historic port of Jaffa or north to admire the scenery at the city’s art museum, you can’t go wrong with these 11 most Instagrammable spots around Tel Aviv.

  1. Tel Aviv Port
This lovely sculpture at Tel Aviv Port lets you show the world exactly what you’re thinking when you pose in front of it. Photo by Tess Levy

Tel Aviv Port is a bustling hub of food, shopping and family-friendly spaces at the northern end of town. Whether you walk along the boardwalk during the day as kids weave in and out or at night as couples enjoy picnic meals overlooking the ocean, you’re guaranteed a lovely time.

We recommend grabbing a fresh fruit smoothie from the Port Market before doing some shopping at one of the many fashionable stores. And don’t forget to capture all the uniquely-TelAviv moments along the way.

  1. Florentin Street Art
Street art in Florentin, Tel Aviv. Photo by Tess Levy

The street art that coats the walls of the Florentin neighborhood is one of the community’s most outstanding points of pride.

Coming from artists from a wide array of backgrounds and with jaw-dropping talent using the streets as a forum of expression, much of the graffiti contains a social or political message.

Whether you use the large-scale artwork as a backdrop or on its own, your Instagram post will surely attract attention.

  1. Back streets of Old Jaffa
A cat on a motorcycle in Jaffa could provide a great Instagram backdrop. Photo by Tess Levy

Jaffa is the oldest neighborhood in Tel Aviv, dating back to the 15th century. With such a vibrant spirit and community that remains thriving today, Jaffa is the perfect place to explore the backstreets and hidden nooks.

The ancient stone buildings, winding alleys, and stunning views above the ocean all make for a gorgeous Instagram photo! Whether it’s an elegant stray cat or a handcrafted sculpture, there are a plethora of hidden gems strewn through the streets of this port city.

  1. Painted lifeguard tower
A painted lifeguard tower on the Tel Aviv beach. Photo by Tess Levy

These lifeguard towers boast vivacious murals that mirror the energy of the beaches on which they stand. Commissioned by the Tel Aviv municipality, these functional pieces of artwork combine the city’s idyllic beach location with the artistic souls of its residents.

If the blues of the Mediterranean and pastel sunsets above it weren’t enough for you, the bright yellows, purples and all colors in between that make up the walls of these towers are striking and magnificent. The yellow mural of a silly-looking face was designed by popular demand ahead of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.

  1. Pagoda House
Pagoda House in Tel Aviv. Photo by Tess Levy

Nestled at the intersection of fashionable Nachmani and Montefiore streets, Pagoda House is a splash of unique architecture and design.

The house initially was built to house the Polish ambassador during his time in Tel Aviv and was the first private residence in the city to have an elevator.

While you may not be able to see these interior features from the street, you can absolutely get a great photo of its exterior beauty! Beneath the namesake pagoda that sits atop the house, you’ll find porches teeming with flowers and greenery.

  1. Tel Aviv Museum of Art
The Amir Wing of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Photo by Tess Levy

Who says that a building that houses artwork can’t be a piece of art on its own? This most recent addition to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is striking in its modern shape and bold angles.

The wing was created as a collaboration between two architects– one American and the other Israeli. They faced many challenges: The available lot was in the shape of an odd triangle, and the building could not be very tall. However, the architects used these obstacles to inspire a one-of-a-kind structure that happens to be incredibly photogenic.

  1. David Ben-Gurion headstand statue
This whimsical David Ben-Gurion sculpture on Frishman Beach is a favorite of tourists. Photo by Tess Levy

This spot is by far the most interactive–if you’re up for the challenge. Athletes and yogis from all over Tel Aviv take photos to match Israel’s first-ever prime minister in his headstand.

This sculpture was installed on Frishman Beach in 2015 by the Tel Aviv municipality as a commemoration of the incredibly influential figure. In 1957, Ben-Gurion did this impressive yoga pose on that very spot on the beach, and photographer Paul Goldman captured the moment. This nod to history now serves as a fun, artistic spot to grab a photo.

  1. Carmel Market
Colorful gummies for sale at Carmel Market, Tel Aviv. Photo by Tess Levy

The opportunities to take a shot for Instagram in theShuk HaCarmel(Carmel Market) are endless. With hundreds of stands selling sweet treats, clothing, prepared dishes and jewelry, you could spend days on end wandering up and down this spot.

These deep blue amulets are mean to ward of the “evil eye.” Photo by Tess Levy

There may be nothing more Israeli than passing the time in your local shuk, enjoying the company of locals and feasting on the delicious offerings from the vendors. Add a pop of color to your Instagram feed with the vibrant pinks and greens of the rows of gummy candies or the deep blues of the charms meant to ward off the “evil eye.”

  1. Habima Square
Habima Square in Tel Aviv. Photo by Tess Levy

When you live in Tel Aviv, it’s easy to get lost in the somewhat overwhelming cityscape. That’s why spaces like Habima Square, located in front of a large theater and auditorium, are crucial to finding some peace in the middle of the buzzing city.

Whether you go to Habima to do some work, hang out with friends, or take in the beautifully designed space, you’re sure to get some good photos while you’re at it. This square includes a picturesque green hill with a bench to sit atop, a larger-than-life sculpture of three stacked circles, and a serene garden.

  1. Rothschild Boulevard
Scenic Rothschild Boulevard in southern Tel Aviv. Photo by Tess Levy

This boulevard that stretches through southern Tel Aviv is an iconic part of the city. With a bike path that runs between grassy patches perfect for picnics, this is an idyllic spot to grab a cup of coffee or go for a stroll.

Rothschild is home to many coffee kiosks and small food stands where you can purchase anything from delicious sushi to an ice-cream cone. This spot will not only leave you well-fed, it’s also an excellent opportunity to snag a few pictures.

In the daytime, you might want to focus your lens on some sun-tanning locals hanging on the grass, while nighttime brings beautiful lights from the surrounding high-rises.

  1. Streets of Neveh Tzedek
A photoshoot in the quaint Neveh Tzedek neighborhood of Tel Aviv. Photo by Mendy Hechtman/FLASH90

Neveh Tzedek is a neighborhood with a complex history that has been home to diverse groups of people; its evolution through the years is evident today in its charming streets.

Besides Jaffa, Neveh Tzedek was the first Jewish neighborhood built in what would become Tel Aviv. In the late 1800s, it was a hub for young artists and poets, including the artist Nachum Gutman. A museum dedicated to Gutman’s works is one of the jewels of Neveh Tzedek.

These creative individuals’ impact has lasted to this day, as you can find many art galleries, independently owned jewelry shops and small clothing boutiques on the winding streets. The low-rise buildings are of meticulous and whimsical design and make for the perfect backdrop for any photo.