Take a bite out of Israel’s curbside cuisine [video]

It’s fresh, it’s tasty and it’s fast. Israeli street food is famous far and wide — and as chef Janna Gur points out, with good reason


Shwarma, falafel, sabich, hummus, shakshuka, malabi, bourekas, kyurtosh … street food in Israel is famous worldwide, and the mouth-watering options are countless.

There’s no better place to sample street food than in Jaffa, where food stalls and small restaurants line up side-by-side, waiting to serve the next hungry passerby.


Photo by Daniel Dreifuss/Flash90
Falafel is just one of great food options on sale on Israeli streets.

“We’re not conservative about food. We like to try different things. People love quick and informal bites, and that’s why I think street food is flourishing,” says chef Janna Gur, author of The New Book of Israeli Food.

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