Postcard from Israel: Sarona

See how a former German Templer colony in Tel Aviv has been transformed into the city’s hottest new culture and leisure spot.

The meticulously restored structures of a former German Templer colony once headquarters to the Israel Defense Force, give Tel Avivians and visitors the newest go-to destination for beautifully landscaped leisure, shopping, dining and the arts.

Lots of open spaces amid the architecture invite adults and kids alike to come and play in the sunshine for which this city is famous.

Music by Josh Woodward

Film by Elahn Zetlin



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  • bryce nemehia

    Wow! – I just wanted to say regarding that BBC video above, “Our World – Tel Aviv comes out” was really, really interesting!! – Israel is a dynamic place & I just love how this site always seems to have to most captivating & unusual stories – about such diverse & fascinating topics!