Melding the old and the new at the Old Jaffa Port

A seaside snapshot of Christian, Arab and Jewish harmony in a relaxing atmosphere of cafés and galleries.

Talk about melding the old and the new: The Old Port of Jaffa, at the southern tip of Tel Aviv, is a new hot spot for Israelis and tourists to dine and stroll – or even Segway – along the boardwalk.

Fishing boats, ancient stone buildings, art galleries, mosques, churches, ethnic cuisine and clothing all build on the breathtaking backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea, as you can see in this ISRAEL21c video. Click on the video to view.

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  • Wallace Kleid

    about 8 years ago i went to old yaffe; had dinner on a restaurant boat, Marmer, that was superb; it was late and when the owner learned i was in Israel for sar-el i joined the owner’s table; had strong coffee and good schapps and great conversation then walked the sea wall back to my hotel in Tel Aviv. 5 years ago i returned to the old port and the place was desolate; i had brought my bride to be and could show her nothing of what i remembered. I am so proud and pleased that Old jaffe is once again vibrant