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Apple to open R&D center in Israel?

Well-founded rumors fly around Apple VP’s recent visit to Israel. Could the consumer giant be preparing to ride the Israel tech bus along with Google, Microsoft and Intel? The iPhone maker may be ready to open its first R&D center …

Waze steers you clear of traffic

Israeli smartphone app helps drivers avert ‘Carmegeddon’ while navigating busy streets, using data from their phones’ GPS. Waze helps you navigate in real time with its own maps. It was dubbed “Carmegeddon,” for the cataclysmic driving meltdown that was sure …

Going beyond street view

Going beyond street view

Israel’s VisionMap makes advanced 3D aerial photo systems for applications from disaster relief to security to urban planning. A VisionMap view over Australia. If you’ve successfully located a specific pizza parlor; the source of a forest fire; or an accident …

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