Jerusalem’s Medical Tradition

From biblical balms to 21st century medical research, the evolution of medicine in Jerusalem is the topic of a fascinating exhibit at the Tower of David Museum.

Every Home a Shelter

HAGA, Israel’s civil defense and grandaddy of the Home Front Command, had its roots in modern warfare — particularly aerial bombardment.

Treasures in the Walls of Old Acre

Acre’s Treasures in the Walls museum presents life in the Galilee during the 19th and early 20th centuries through crafts, art – even children’s books.

Jerusalem War Cemetery

The Jerusalem War Cemetery is the final resting place for 2,515 British Commonwealth soldiers of the First World War.

Mondial 1970 – the cartoon version

The Israeli Cartoon Museum in Holon honors Mondial 2014 with a nostalgic look back at World Cup inspired cartoons from years gone by.

Mondial 1970

The 1970 World Cup playoffs was a competition of firsts, including the first and only time — thus far — that the Israeli national football team would qualify.

Jazz Blues & Rock amidst the Jerusalem stone

If you were hanging out in Jerusalem in the early 80s with a yen for some rock and roll, JBRs was the place to go.

Selling Tnuva in time for Shavuot

The sale of Tnuva to a Chinese concern raised an unwarranted hue and cry. Israel has been sharing dairy know-how with China for decades. Plus, the local market might finally open up to much-needed competition.

Custodians of the Holy Land

There is a long-standing connection between the Holy Land and the Franciscan Order, which is tasked with caring for Catholic church properties throughout our region.

Lag B’Omer – the Gadna connection

Established on Lag B’Omer, the Gadna youth brigade has traditionally prepared high school students for military service.