Jerusalem March – then and now

The annual Jerusalem March has grown with each successive year since it was established in 1955. This year, 60,000 marchers of all denominations, professions and abilities are expected to make the climb.

Lovin’ the lulav

It’s palm-tastic! This year, 700,000 locally grown lulavs were supplied in time for the Sukkot holiday and the KKL-JNF has set up palm branch distribution centers at forests around the country.

Yom Kippur War 40 Years On – Lessons Learned

The 40th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War is being commemorated by Israel’s defense establishment in a reflective manner with discussions, research and self-examination.

A Nostalgic New Year

A selection of Shana Tova e-cards with images from years gone by. There’s one to fit every need.

Jerusalem Nature Museum

In the heart of Jerusalem’s German Colony sits a 19th century Turkish mansion turned British officer’s club turned Nature Museum whose collection presents wildlife of Israel, past and present — and that includes the dinosaur sculptures.

Mitz Paz – The National Drink

Never mind the taste – if you’re truly Israeli, you love Mitz Paz, the only beverage still around from the days before the establishment of the State of Israel.

Jacky Where Is It?

The 13th annual Animix Festival is honoring Joshua “Jacky” Jackson for his lifetime achievement: keeping Israeli kids on their toes with his weekly cartoon brainteaser.

WEIZAC – The First Israeli Computer

A new video made with support by Google pays homage to WEIZAC, Israel’s first computer – and that which launched Israel into the information age.

AKA Bevingrad – the new Shlomzion Square

Participants in the festivities at Jerusalem’s new city square at the axis of Shlomzion HaMalka, Ben Sira and HaMelech Shlomo Streets may have no idea that this was once the location of the British army and police HQ, a battlefield and a border.

From Bamba With Love

With a consistent 25% market share, Bamba is Israel’s best-loved snack food. What accounts for its popularity? Good marketing and a peanut coating, for starters. And then there’s those health benefits…