When Jerusalem was truly under siege

Things are bad in post-storm Jerusalem but a new term will have to be coined for what the city is going through.

Underground Comix Surface in Holon

Three decades of political, social and economic change as illustrated through Israel’s underground comics scene are the subject of an exhibition and symposium.

Hanukkah in Israel: Inspired by the Maccabees

An online gallery depicts Hanukkah holiday motifs as celebrated by the Zionist pre-State yishuv in the early 20th century.

Israel-Iran relations: 1953-1979

A look back through the archives of the National Photo Collection at the high point of normalcy in Israel-Iran relations.

Israeliana on offer at Kedem Auctions

Historic items, Israeliana and Zionist memorabilia including a number of particularly rare items from the Arnie Druck collection will be sold this week at an important auction in Jerusalem.

HUJI website posts new survivor testimonies

The new website, which offers digitized interviews with Holocaust survivors, is a resource for researchers and educators, as well as families interested in discovering relatives.

Oud Festival honors Oum Kalthoum

Oum Kalthoum, was the foremost female vocalist of 20th century Arab music. Her legacy is being honored in Jerusalem with a night of song at the International Oud Festival. Plus, there’s a new street, named after her.

Horse Race Betting Comes to Israel

Toto, the Israel Sports Betting Board, last week opened the gate to horse race betting in Israel, in keeping with a long tradition from Roman times.

Free Wheel bike exhibit in Holon

The Design Museum Holon examines 200 years of bicycle design and cycling culture — including some long-lost “Blue & White” brands from 1950s Israel — and on through the latest 21st century innovations.

Abram Games In His Own Way – In Israel

A new exhibition at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design presents graphic works by Abram Games — one of the UK’s most influential designers — including his designs for Israel.