Shmita – Controversy and Community

Since 1888, Shmita, the agricultural sabbatical year, has ignited controversy. This year, efforts are being made to reset the “reset year” with a focus on the environment and spiritual well-being.

New Year’s Nostalgia

The Jewish New Year is a time for reflection with holiday greetings that recall simpler days.

Learning from Taxes

The history of civilization is writ in taxation and there’s no better proof than Jerusalem’s Museum of Taxes, whose collection of tax-related artifacts ranges from the ancient world to modern Israel.

Israel’s Energy Past… and Future

As Israel makes the transition to a consumer and exporter of natural gas, a look at Oil Refineries whose history parallels that of the modern-day State.

Looking Back at Back-to-School

Books covered in brown paper, compass sets and tracing paper are just some of items once found in the average Israeli child’s leather book-bag.

Tarpupu Time at Jerusalem’s First Station

The first Israeli Nostalgia Festival at Jerusalem’s newly refurbished First Train Station presented all aspects of everyday life as it once was.

Culture Wars On the Supermarket Shelf

“Cultural terror tunnel”? Authors “rolling in their graves”? There’s a brouhaha over a new supermarket product line featuring beloved characters from Israeli children’s books

Tu Love

At some point in history, the summer full moon holiday was adopted by Jews in the Land of Israel. We’re still celebrating Tu b’Av with wine and romance.

Keeping Us Safe

Decades of successful training of the public is an important factor in Israel’s low civilian casualty rate. Need to get people out of harm’s way? Here’s how.

Rubi Rivlin: Israel’s Jerusalem-grown president

There many aspects to Israel’s new President Reuven “Rubi” Rivlin that make him the Israeli everyman, including his 1950s upbringing in the once small town known as Jerusalem.