Coins of Israel – Ancient and New

The Bank of Israel opens its doors to the public with an exhibit of modern-day coins and the ancient ones on which their designs are based, including Hasmonean dynasty rarities.

Cafe Tamar People

Photographer Shlomit Carmeli captures the 20th century spirit of Sheinkin Street’s veteran Cafe Tamar as it soldiers on in the 21st.

Garbage Goes Green

An increasingly affluent Israeli population has generated more and more rubbish, leading to changes in everything from our average trash can size to how we dispose of our recyclables.

November 29, 1947

The UN General Assembly partition plan was received joyfully by the Jewish community and celebrated by the daily newspapers in pre-State Israel, despite the threat of war with the Arab states.

Bernstein in Beersheva – 1948

During the War of Independence, conductor-composer Leonard Bernstein underwent a trial by fire that forged a bond with Israel and helped shape the country’s classical music scene. “I see my future as very close to the future of Israel.”

The Vintage Advantage

Anything old used to be suspect but rebrand those hand-me-downs and trendy Israelis are there.

A Celebration of Mastication

An online collection of chewing gum wrappers spans Israeli history from pre-State to sugarless.

Battle for Beersheva

The mystery surrounding a controversial photo of the 1917 Australian Light Horse charge on Beersheva is solved and a museum honoring the event will be established.

Photographic Truth at Bezalel

A new exhibit explores the history of the photography department at the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design.

The Original Battle Over Milky

It’s currently in the headlines as a symbol of the high cost of living but Israel’s favorite chocolate pudding and whipped cream treat has always inspired high passion.