Red Flowers for Remembrance

The flower known as “Blood of the Maccabees” has become the symbol for Yom Hazikaron, the memorial day for Israel’s fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism.

April in Holocaust history

The pivotal month of April throughout the history of the Holocaust, in pictures and texts presented by Yad VaShem.

Passover in Jerusalem – 1913

A long-lost movie, now restored, documents Jewish life in Ottoman Palestine, including Passover at the Western Wall and a holiday gymnastics exhibition.

Memories from Grandma’s Kitchen

An exhibit of ancient and antique pots and pans looks at Jewish cooking traditions and family life.

Voting at Hillel Yaffe

On Election Day, patients at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center were able to exercise their right to vote – fitting testament to a visionary pioneering doctor after whom the hospital is named.

Elections 1965

Election day 2015 is almost here, outcomes are uncertain, critical issues are at stake and our fate hangs in the balance… but it’s not the first time things have been this way.

Creating Values for Women

History buffs can make history — or at least write it — by adding new entries to Wikipedia Israel in a new contest launched in honor of Women’s History Month.

Making Some Noise on Purim

The custom of drowning out Haman’s name with noise-makers has been around since medieval times but there are always ways to update an old tradition.

Evolution of the Israeli campaign video

Israeli election 2015 videos have gone viral, generating interest at home and internationally. Hard to believe that only a few decades ago, our campaign ads were local affairs, broadcast on one sole channel.

Remembering the Man Behind the Duck

Artists, illustrators and cartoonists pay homage to the work of the late Dudu Geva, whose motley crew of characters included Tel Aviv’s unofficial mascot and the Israeli everyman.