The Hit Factory From Haifa

Since 1961, record company Hataklit produced hundreds of albums spanning many genres — and those golden oldies are now online.

Haifa Port handover – 1948

At the flag raising, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion described the final withdrawal of British troops as “one of the greatest days in the State of Israel’s history.”

Tmol-Shilshom – 21 Years Young

Bookstore-cafe-restaurant Tmol-Shilshom is Jerusalem’s center for poetry and literature — not to mention the amazing Friday brunch.

Bus Stops Keep On Moving

Israeli bus stops have evolved in style and function over the decades, from simple shacks to reinforced shelters, billboards to solar-powered communication centers.

Songs of the First Lebanon War

Despite Israel’s thriving music scene in 1982, no anthem emerged from Operation Peace for Galilee.

Not Your Grandma’s Singalong

They used to be considered old-fashioned entertainment for the elderly but these days, “shirah b’tzibur” is trendy, fun and even funky.

Flower Crowns at Shavuot

How an association between an ancient symbol of harvest bounty and the modern Jewish settlement created a holiday symbol.

Celebrating Reunified Jerusalem – 1968

Only months after the Six Day War, the Israel Defense Forces marched proudly in Jerusalem with a display of power, including arms captured in battle.

Israel’s WWII vets mark VE Day’s 70th

Veterans were honored at the Museum of the Jewish Soldier in World War 2 which tells the story of Allied soldiers, Partisan forces, resistance movements and volunteers.

Adam Was First

Take that, Robbie Williams! Your amazing performance may have conquered Tel Aviv last night but even a consummate entertainer like you can’t vanquish Israelis’ memory of 80s heart-throb, Adam.