Evolution of the Israeli campaign video

Israeli election 2015 videos have gone viral, generating interest at home and internationally. Hard to believe that only a few decades ago, our campaign ads were local affairs, broadcast on one sole channel.

Remembering the Man Behind the Duck

Artists, illustrators and cartoonists pay homage to the work of the late Dudu Geva, whose motley crew of characters included Tel Aviv’s unofficial mascot and the Israeli everyman.

Au Revoir Binyanei HaUma

It’s strange not to be at the ICC Jerusalem, the convention center so long identified with the Jerusalem International Book Fair.

Doing Tu B’Shevat the shmita way

The Keren Kayemet-Jewish National Fund isn’t tree planting this year but continues its greening work — even while the land rests.

Celebrating Kishon’s Legacy

Humorist Ephraim Kishon’s essays, movies and plays skewered Israeli society, cleverly and lovingly, in ways that still ring true decades after they were first written.

Photobombing the Enemy

Oh for the days when Israeli and Lebanese beauty queens were able to link arms, dance and be photographed without controversy.

Snow in Tel Aviv – 1950

This unusual weather event was especially exciting for the country’s native-born ‘Sabras’ who had never before seen real snow.

Singing in the Rain

With rain and snow on the way, we present a few of the best-loved Israeli rainy day songs.

Captured in Caricature: Menachem Begin

A new exhibit of cartoons provide historical insight to the policy, political and economic climate of the country during Menachem Begin’s tenure as Prime Minister.

Hanukkah treasure in Jerusalem

A chance meeting in Jerusalem turns up a trove of holiday riches: an eclectic collection of Hanukkah menorahs.