Twin births in Israel keep rising

Israel has the highest percentage of twins per 1,000 births than anywhere else in the world. More twins are born in Israel than in Britain, France and Germany.

Seeing double? Your eyes are just fine. Israel has become the country with the highest ratio of twins to population in the world. A new report suggests it’s less about genetics and more about the government’s fully funded fertility treatments.

In Israel, 51 of every 1,000 births result in twins, according to Dr. Ohad Golov, an owner of the twin-specialist guidance and accessories company, Baby Stav. In comparison, in Holland the statistic stands at 20 twins per 1,000 births; in Germany, 18; in France, 16; and in Britain, 15.

Prior to IVF treatments, twins accounted for just two-to-three multiple births for every 1,000 deliveries.

The age that women conceive is also a factor, cites Golov. He notes that many women conceive after the age of 36 and thus, even without hormonal treatments, are more inclined to have multiples.

With bird migration now at its peak, would-be parents may want to keep an eye on the 600,000 storks flying over Israel. More twins could be on their way.

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