Tunick installation helps youth in distress

American art photographer Spencer Tunick donated a piece of his Dead Sea installation to help raise funds for ELEM – Youth in Distress in Israel.

American art photographer Spencer Tunick’s Dead Sea project is on the auction block at the Fifth Annual Israeli Art Auction taking place today (December 16) in New York. All funds from the event will be used to help ELEM‘s Russian immigrant youth, who suffer from absorption difficulties and have problems with family and schooling.

“ELEM-Entry NY is grateful to Spencer for his generous donation,” said Nitzan Levy, chair, ELEM-Entry NY. “We are pleased that Spencer recognizes the need to help Israeli Jewish and Arab youth in need and is willing to let his work make a difference in their lives. We cannot thank him enough.”

In addition to Tunick’s Dead Sea installation piece, the gavel will bang down on works donated by 40 established and emerging Israeli artists – among them Tamar Tal, Hanna Shahar and Menashe Kadishman.

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