TAU International students in running for $1m. Hult Prize

Students create social entrepreneurship proposals to tackle the global food crisis.

Three teams from TAU International — Tel Aviv University’s extensive English-language degree programs — competed in the Regional Finals of the Hult Prize, a collaborative initiative between Hult International Business School and the Global Clinton Initiative.

Called a “start-up accelerator for social good,” the prize is designed to encourage students in the field of social entrepreneurship, and has been named “one of the top five ideas changing the world” by President Bill Clinton and Time magazine.
The Hult Prize “has created the world’s largest student movement for social impact and the world’s largest crowdsourcing platform, dedicated to solving the most pressing social challenges on the planet,” explains the Hult Prize website.

Each year’s winner receives $1,000,000 in funding to launch a sustainable social venture.

“The Hult Prize is thrilled that Tel Aviv University has joined the initiative with three teams selected for the finals,” said Dr. Stephen Hodges, president of the Hult International Business School. This year’s competition had a record breaking number of applications from over 350 colleges and universities spanning 150 countries worldwide. Hult International Business School, which hosts the competition annually, is the world’s largest graduate business school, with seven campuses spanning five countries, including the United States, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, England, and China.

“Tel Aviv University is proud to have had 15 of its international graduate students participate in this important competition,” said Prof. Raanan Rein, Vice President of TAU. “We believe that these diverse groups combined TAU’s strong academics and Israel’s entrepreneurial spirit to find creative solutions to the issue of food security.”

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