The Amazing Spiderman swoops into Purim spirit at Israeli children’s hospital

Volunteer window washers dressed up as superheroes wow patients at Schneider Children’s Medical Center.

Spiderman swoops in to Schneider Children's Medical Center to say Happy Purim to young patients. (Courtesy of Schneider Children's Medical Center)

Spiderman swoops in to Schneider Children’s Medical Center to say Happy Purim to young patients. (Courtesy of Schneider Children’s Medical Center)

For the young patients of the Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel, this Purim holiday was out of this world. Thanks to two volunteer window washers who dressed up as superheroes, the sick children were treated to a fantastic surprise: Spiderman dangling from ropes outside the hospital’s windows.

Schneider Children's Medical Center window washers
The children and their families could not participate in celebrations outdoors, so hospital staff swooped in to the rescue and brought the fun to them.

Schneider Children's Medical Center

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