Sky-high catwalk

Israeli fashion house Frau Blau strut new line in airplane aisles.

Fashion design team Frau Blau took to the skies with its new line of clothing. Literally. The Tel Aviv fashion house recently used the Hungarian airline Wizz Air’s first flight from Tel Aviv to Budapest as a catwalk.

Following takeoff, models walked down the aisle decked out in Frau Blau threads.

Designers Helena Blaustein and Philip Blau – who co-run Frau Blau – are known for known their printed graphics in which the wearer appears to be dressed in something completely different.

“Our collection is based on popular European fairy tales. And of course of tradition of Jewish European fashion. So I think we created a kind of a link between the hot Israeli clime and European tradition,” Blau told Israeli journalists. “They are going to discover something about new culture and to show Israeli culture for Hungarian people, Hungarian public.”

“This project is about combining a dais of innovation, we’re talking about the first flight by Wizz Air airline from Israel to Budapest to Hungary. We are talking about the first ever time that there is a fashion show going on in the air in the plane by the Israeli well known designer Frau Blau,” said Victoria Kanar, Bottom Line Consultant Company.

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