Rihanna makes safari debut

New rhinoceros at Ramat Gan Safari named after popular singer.

It’s official: Israel has it’s very own Rihanna. The Ramat Gan Safari announced today (January 1) that the newest rhinoceros to join its herd will be called Rihanna.

Rihanna at Ramat Gan Safari

The two-year-old female arrived from a safari in South Africa as part of a worldwide conservation effort to breed the endangered animals.

After putting a call out to the public to help name the new rhino, the Israeli zoological center chose ‘Rihanna’ as the winning name.

Safari spokesperson Sagit Horowitz said the name of a pop star was most suitable as the previous rhino to arrive from the same Pretoria safari was named, Keren Peles, after an Israeli singer.

And though the latest reports have the real Rihanna saying she does not plan to have any children in the near future, Horowitz said the safari hopes the half a ton, horned version of the singer will be fruitful and multiply.

“We hope Keren Peles and Rihanna will succeed in breeding in the future,” she said.

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