How shopping can help rehabilitate Israel’s south

Shopping spree pilgrimages to communities affected most by rocket-fire hope to rehabilitate troubled businesses in the area.

Hearing about the financial damages caused during Operation Pillar of Defense, organizations and individual Israelis have made it their mission to purchase whatever they need in the affected communities as a goodwill gesture to businesses in the area.

The Gesher organization recently sent a group of people to Ashdod to purchase supplies and food, which they then donated to the needy.

Reports say the most recent Gaza-Israel flare-up cost businesses and factories in the south about $55 million.

This coming weekend the Jerusalem Municipality will host a two-day food and crafts fair featuring small business from the southern communities. The measure is meant to help residents of the affected areas recover financial losses.

Meanwhile, Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov met with tourism industry leaders to formulate a plan to rehabilitate tourism and to ensure a return to normal in the industry.
“Rehabilitating tourism and ensuring that residents in the south once again have income is an important part of the victory and is a national mission,” said Misezhnikov.

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