Peek into Tel Aviv’s startup scene

New festival takes general public on a behind-the-scenes tour of Israeli innovation hubs.

It’s called Open Startup and it’s a first of its kind event that will give the general public an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of dozens of startup companies throughout Tel Aviv. With over 1,200 high-tech companies in the city, Tel Aviv has won international recognition for its innovation and creativity.

Open Startup is a new happening that will run November 15-16, 2012, around the city.

“Entrepreneurs from a diverse range of companies will show visitors the products they are developing, share their experiences as entrepreneurs and talk about how they intend to change our lives,” reads the brochure announcement.

Among the companies set to open their doors to the public are BillGuard – an app that fights credit card fraud; Soluto – software that beats boot up blues; Wibbitz – text to video publishing platform; and The Library Tel Aviv — a co-working space for high-tech entrepreneurship and innovation, among others.

The magnitude of the high-tech activities in the city has won Tel Aviv international recognition. Now residents are being encouraged to learn and see the global innovation industry on their doorstep.

Photo of Tel Aviv skyscrapers by Dmitry Pistrov /

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