Passenger busks in Tel Aviv streets

British singer-songwriter ‘Let Her Go’ in an impromptu street concert.

Popular folk-rock singer-songwriter Michael Rosenberg, who goes by the stage name Passenger, gave Tel Aviv fans an impromptu street concert.

The 30-year-old music star played a sold-out concert on June 10 at the Barby club in Tel Aviv.

On June 11, he announced via Facebook that he would be busking at the famous Nachalat Binyamin street promenade. His message went viral and his impromptu jam session attracted hundreds of fans.

Rosenberg told the crowd that he started out busking before his hit song, Let Her Go, made him a household name. He promised Israeli fans that he will definitely return for future concert dates.

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  • Gnarlodious

    Does it seem wrong that Sony has a copyright claim to this performance that was done on a public street? Does Sony OWN the musician? That’s what current copyright laws allow.