OurCrowd raises over $12m. for its startups

Crowdfunding platform OurCrowd closes new round for Jeff Pulver’s startup Zula, pushing total raised by fund to over $12m. in its first seven months.

Israeli crowd-funding platform, OurCrowd has closed a financing round for Jeff Pulver’s latest startup, Zula, pushing its total raised for early stage companies above $12 million.


This is the Jerusalem-based company’s 18th completed funding round since it began operations in October last year.


OurCrowd identifies companies seeking early stage investment and brings them to the attention of accredited investors in specific venture capital funding rounds. It was founded by Jon Medved, the investment fund’s CEO.


“Passing this funding milestone makes OurCrowd this year’s fastest-growing vehicle for angels and accredited investors to find and back early stage companies online. From our roots in Israel we have actually taken the global lead in funds raised,” said Medved, a former member of ISRAEL21c’s board of directors.


He added that while the fund initially focused on the Israeli early stage startup scene, it is now bringing together investors and companies from around the world.


Zula is developing a cloud-based mobile collaboration platform for teams. Company management includes Jacob Ner-David, who co-founded DeltaThree, and Pulver, a well-known early investor in Twitter and FourSquare.


“Not only did we raise our seed round online in less than a week, but we had people from all over the world invest in Zula thanks to this platform,” said Pulver.


Other companies that OurCrowd has raised money for include AbesMarket.com, Sherpa, TradeOS, Parko and Consumer Physics.


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