Israelis optimistic about the future – study

Despite mounting threats, Democracy Index shows vast majority of citizens positive about Israel’s outlook.

76% of Israelis are optimistic about the future. (Xavier Gallego Morell/Shutterstock)

Results of the 10th Annual Israeli Democracy Index — the leading barometer of the state of democracy and society in Israel – show that 76 percent of the population is optimistic about Israel’s future.

The report, published by the Israel Democracy Institute, also shows that 59% of Israelis feel that the government is not properly handling the country’s challenges.

Other key findings show that the majority of both Jewish and Arab respondents feel that their ability to influence government policy is minimal or non-existent (62% and 69%, respectively), yet those who took part in the social protests of 2011 feel a stronger sense of belonging to the state than those who did not.

The index showed that 45% of Israeli Arabs feel pride in being Israeli. And the index showed that 42% of the Jewish public prefers to define Israel as both a “Jewish and democratic” state.

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