Israeli technology investors raise $140m. for Aleph venture fund

New fund that aims to bring early-stage financial support to Israeli high-tech startups, with focus in big data.

Veteran technology investors Michael Eisenberg and Eden Shochat, have created Aleph — a new $140 million early-stage fund aimed at bringing early-stage support to Israeli startups, particularly in big data.

Aleph is a “venture capital fund focused on serving Israeli entrepreneurs who want to build meaningful global businesses. Aleph is a service-oriented venture fund focused on Series A investments,” reads a statement on the company’s Facebook page.

In an opening message on their website, Eisenberg and Shochat say they launched “Aleph because we believe that 2013 has ushered in the golden age for Israeli high tech. Technologically, the world has caught up with Israel. The areas where Israel excels, such as big-data, machine learning & analytics, are the technologies and trends that matter most in an environment where data sizes double every year. We, Israel, can lead the world in these areas and we should.”

The Aleph fund is named for the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet.

The TechCrunch blog says: “Aleph can provide enough early-stage capital to potentially change the fate of Israeli startups that have been struggling to find access.”

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