Israeli artist secures Nepal-Israel friendship

A monument made from rocks of the Dead Sea is set up at Mount Everest base to foster friendship between the lowest and highest places on earth.

An Israeli artist has crafted a monument comprising two stones from the lowest point on earth – the Dead Sea – and erected it at the base camp of Mount Everest – the world’s highest peak– to promote culture and tourism between the two countries. Similarly, rocks from Mount Everest were recently set near the Dead Sea.

Jo Jo Ohayon dedicates sculpture to Nepal at Mount Everest.

Jo Jo Ohayon says the exchange of the stones is a symbol of the friendship between the two peoples. Ohayon went to Nepal with a delegation that included Mayor of the Tamar Regional Council, Dov Litvinoff; Israeli Ambassador to Nepal, Hanan Goder; and diplomatic staff based in Kathmandu.

“We are very happy to announce that the monument of Dead Sea has been placed on top of the world,” Goder said in a statement. “We need to save the environment in the Himalayas as well as the Dead Sea, to check the impact of climate change, and the monuments will spread the message about this.”

Last year, Israel and Nepal released a joint postage stamp depicting the two countries’ contrasting geographic wonders — the highest and the lowest places on earth – to mark decades of cooperation.

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