Israel enforces harsh smoking laws

Public places including bus stops, train stations and outdoor pools are now off-limits to smokers in Israel.

Smokers woke up to a new strict anti-smoking law – that went into effect in Israel today — now banning them from lighting up at bus stops, train platforms, outdoor swimming pools and concert venues.

Also off-limits are government offices, places of worship, community centers, public bomb shelters, old-age homes, or exhibition halls. It is also forbidden to smoke within 10 meters of the entrance to a hospital or medical clinic.

Fines for those caught smoking in prohibited places run between $375 for the culprit to $1275 for the owner of the location.

Government workers caught smoking in public buildings could see a cut in their salary.

The Israel Cancer Association (ICA) was among the first 10 places to secure a law prohibiting smoking in public places. The ICA reported recently that the smoking rate among Israeli adults aged 21 and over stands at 20.6 percent — the lowest level ever recorded in Israel.

Smoking will be allowed in restaurants and bars in specially marked areas outside the premises that do not exceed 15-square-meteres.

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  • Ya’akov

    The article actually says nothing about enforcement – only the details of the law and the potential punishment. Nevertheless, it is good news indeed! The non-smoking majority will now have more control over what the quality of the air they breathe is like.