Israel Electric workers brave rockets to restore power to Gaza

A Hamas rocket took 70,000 Gazans off the grid when it downed a high-power line; Israeli technicians wore bulletproof vests to fix it.

IEC technicians restore power to Gazans. (IEC Facebook Page)

IEC technicians restore power to Gazans. (IEC Facebook Page)

Wearing bulletproof vests and helmets, Israel Electric technicians repaired a high-power line that was damaged by a Hamas rocket and restored power to some 70,000 Gazans. The Israeli government gave the green light to the Israel Electric Corporation to make the repairs even though its technicians were still in the line of fire.

IDF soldiers accompanied the IEC technicians for safety.

On Sunday night of this week, Hamas sent a barrage of rockets toward Israel. One of them hit an electricity infrastructure in Israel that supplied electricity to the Gaza Strip.

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  • Michael Mirsky

    Why oh why did they do it? OK, the government of Israel is convinced that disconnecting them deliberately is against international law. But when they do it to themselves, LEAVE IT ALONE!

    Especially when they’re shooting rockets at us and have unpaid bills of over $500 million!!!

  • graylens

    why? It is ridiculous to provide power so hamas can light the tunnels and power the missiles. The concrete and rebars in the tunnels was allowed back into gaza for “humanitarian” purposes under supervision of UN and NGOs yet again Israel was betrayed