Israel among leaders in exporting cyber defense

Export of cyber related products in 2014 has already reached $3 billion, according to the Israel National Cyber Bureau.

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A new report confirms Israel’s role as one of the top cyber defense exporting countries in the world. According to the Israel National Cyber Bureau (INCB), Israel exported an astonishing $3 billion worth of cyber related products so far in 2014. This places Israel second only after the US in cyber export.

The number of Israeli cyber-defense companies stands at over 220.

In early 2014, multinational players IBM, Cisco, EMC, Lockheed Martin RSA and Deutsche Telekom all announced plans to set up cyber-research facilities in CyberSpark, Israel’s new cyber-security technology park in Beersheva.

According to the INCB report, blue-and-white cyber firms raised $165 million in investment money, equivalent to 14.5% of worldwide investment within the cyber field.


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