IsraAID empowers youth from Fukushima

Hilton Tokyo wins major community award for its collaboration with Israeli humanitarian organization to help Japan’s communities affected by Fukushima earthquake.

Two years after the devastating earthquake and tsunami tore across Japan, youth in the Tohoku region are learning to take responsibility for their futures as individuals and as a community. The Japanese high school students are being trained by IsraAID, the Israel Forum for International Humanitarian Aid, in partnership with Hilton Tokyo and Adra Japan.

And it is this program that propelled Hilton Tokyo to win the Hilton Worldwide – Community Relations Best Practice Award Q3 2012. Hilton Tokyo has been supporting the recovery of Tohoku since 2011 together with IsraAID.

Twelve Fukushima students and two of their teachers recently took part in IsraAID’s second youth leadership training program. The youth took part in self-development workshops and leadership skills seminars.

Hilton Tokyo and IsraAID have partnered up on a number of projects designed to support continued post disaster recovery activities in Japan’s Tohoku region including community gatherings, art, music and Hilton cookie therapy. These programs will continue throughout 2013.

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