Intel injects $5m. in Israeli education project

Intel CEO Paul Otellini came to Jerusalem to announce the Intel-Ministry of Education parternship.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini is in Israel to launch the chip-maker’s new partnership with the Ministry of Education. Their joint project includes a $5 million investment – by Intel – in Israeli high schools over the next four years.

At a press conference in Jerusalem, Otellini said the project’s goal is “to double the number of high school students completing their science and technology matriculation certificate.”

Intel is currently investing $100 million worldwide in education.

“We are perhaps the largest private employer in Israel and most of those employees have technological know-how. Some of our most sophisticated engineering efforts are carried out in Israel,” said Otellini.

“We have been in Israel for 40 years and we have done many things. We’re here for the long term and we will decide next year regarding our next factory,” he added.

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