Inbal Pezaro swims to silver at World Championships

Israeli Paralympian reiterates her prowess in the pool with a second-place finish in the Women’s 200m Freestyle S5.

Israel’s Paralympian swimmer Inbal Pezaro was in impressive form at the IPC Swimming World Championships in Montreal, Canada last night as she stroked to a silver medal in the Women’s 200m Freestyle S5.

Pezaro, who won three bronze medals at the London Games, powered her way to the runner-up position in a time of 2:56.29 minutes. Sarah Louise Rung of Norway took the gold with a time of 2:50.57 minutes.

For Pezaro, who has been paralyzed in her lower limbs since birth, this is her ninth World Cup medal. She already has three golds and five silvers in her collection.

Pezaro is considered one of Israel’s top disabled athletes.

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