GreenSpense to represent Israel at 2013 International Cleantech Open Ideas Competition

Israeli startup – offering new non-polluting eco-sleeve for dispensing liquid products — in talks with major companies to make disposal of aerosols safer.

After winning the national Open Cleantech Competition in Israel, GreenSpense – which has developed an eco-friendly solution to the challenges and dangers presented by aerosol containers — will represent Israel at the upcoming 2013 International Cleantech Open Ideas Competition in Silicon Valley.

The California event is one of the most prestigious international competitions in the cleantech field.

“GreenSpense is proud to be a part of the green revolution that will enable the use of cheaper and more environment-friendly products. Our technology significantly reduces the amount of harmful materials currently used in traditional aerosols and will undoubtedly contribute to a better and safer world,” said Gadi Har-Shai, CEO of GreenSpense.

GreenSpense’s Eco-Sleeve does away with the need for gas and pressurized-metal-canisters, used for sprays, gels and foam products, which make aerosols polluting, dangerous and expensive to pack. Made from innovative material using nanotechnology, GreenSpense’s Eco-Sleeve eliminates the use of harmful gas.

“We got a lot of attention and have started discussions with major companies, and in parallel are continuing development,” Har-Shai, told ISRAEL21c in an earlier interview.

GreenSpense was founded in 2011 and is a portfolio company of Trendlines Agtech (Mofet), a venture investment company which focuses on the development of innovative companies in the agricultural and ecological sphere.

Steve Rhodes, Trendlines’ Chairman: “We are extremely proud of GreenSpense and believe that the company will proudly represent Israeli innovation at the international competition.”

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