Dragon Boat Israel puts out call to paddlers

Germany, Canada, the US and Asia all plan on sending teams to the Sea of Galilee event.

Canadian organizers were in town recently to set in motion the second annual Dragon Boat Israel Festival that will pit 20 foreign teams against 20 Israeli squads. The happening is scheduled to take place on May 9-10, 2013 at the Sea of Galilee.

Organizers report that there is greater international interest in the benefit event this year and that teams from Germany, Canada, the US and Asia are expected to join the races.

“We’re only going to build on the success of last year. Our goal is to have the same number of teams but plan on doubling spectators. Last year we had 2,200 people at the event, this year we expect to have 5,000 people,” said Linda Kerzner, Chair of the Sponsorships Committee.

The benefit event will send proceeds to Bayit Cham (Warm Home) center for children at risk and Kav Hazinuk leadership training in the north of Israel.
It was a Canadian dragon boat team that brought this traditional Chinese team sport to Israel. Today, Dragon Boat Israel is a joint Canada-Israel initiative.

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