Bonus Biogroup builds first-of-its-kind bone regeneration center

Ground broken in Haifa for revolutionary facility set to produce personalized human living bone for grafts.

Bonus Biogroup, an Israeli biotechnology company pioneering technology for supplying bone regeneration tissues, has announced that it has begun construction of the world’s first plant to produce regenerated bone.

The 750-square meter facility at Haifa’s Matam High Tech Park will have three divisions: a production center for growing human bone grafts, to supply the company in its upcoming clinical trials; an R&D center to further expand the applications of human bone grafts for transplants, and a headquarters and administration center from which it will supervise its R&D activities in the US.

“The establishment of the first facility in the world for growing human bone grafts, designed for human transplant, will be a key element in implementing the company’s unique technology,” CEO Dr. Shai Meretzki said in a statement.

Meretzki also said that the new facility is expected to allow Bonus BioGroup full control over the entire bone graft growing process, independent of any collaboration. Today, the bone graft production process starts outside the facility, in a medical center or a clinic where a blood sample and liposuction are taken from the patient. The samples are sent to the production center to produce mature stem cells from the fat tissue.

Meretzki said the company is moving forward towards clinical trials in the upcoming months.

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