Mahmud Abbas’s wife hospitalized in Tel Aviv

While Israel searches for three teens presumably kidnapped by Hamas terrorists, Palestinian Authority leader’s wife undergoes surgery at Israeli hospital.

Operating room at Assuta hospital in Tel Aviv. (Roni Schutzer/Flash90)

Operating room at Assuta hospital in Tel Aviv. (Roni Schutzer/Flash90)

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas’s wife, Amina Abbas (Umm Mazen), was discharged from the Assuta hospital in Tel Aviv today (June 15) after a successful leg operation on Friday, according to a report by Ynet. Her surgery took place at the same time three Israeli teens went missing and were apparently kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists.

According to the report, Umm Mazen checked into the private hospital on Thursday night. She had round the clock security guards posted outside her room.

Israeli doctors regularly treat Palestinian patients. Hamas leader Ismael Haniyeh’s granddaughter was treated at Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Petah Tikva this past November.

And earlier this month, his mother-in-law was granted entry from the Gaza Strip to receive cancer treatment at a Jerusalem hospital.

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  • GlobalMuslimProblem

    So Stupid. If I was a nurse or dr there I would refuse. They are trying to kill us but have no problem using is. When are idiots going to get it???

    • ruthsobol

      I am proud that Israel provides these medical services to the Palestinians. That’s what makes us different from them.

  • Maureen Richardson

    Oh, so now BDS does not apply??? Hate Israel, Kill all Israeli’s but G-d forbid a family member becomes ill…take them to ISRAELI hospital for treatment…GO FIGURE!!!