First Syrian baby born in Israeli hospital

Baby’s mother arrived overnight at Ziv Medical Center after crossing Israel-Syria border; curfew shutdown of her village meant no access to local medical help.

For the first time since Syria’s civil war broke out, a woman in labor – who had not been injured in the infighting but simply needed medical assistance – was brought into Israel for help.

The 20-year-old woman arrived at the Ziv Medical Center overnight and gave birth to a healthy 3.2-kg boy this morning (November 3).

The little one is the first Syrian baby to be born in an Israeli hospital.

The first-time mother, a nurse by training, told Ziv Medical Staff that the village in which she lives near Kuneitra is under strict curfew and getting to a nearby hospital was out of the question.

“There are no midwives in my village and therefore no one to deliver my baby,” she told the Israeli medical team. “I’m a nurse by training and I knew Syrian victims had gone to Israel for medical help. As soon as I felt myself going into labor, I asked to be taken to the border in the hope that the Israeli army would agree to help me. I was very worried about coming into Israel but I was more worried about the health of my baby. The Israeli midwives and doctors have treated me with the utmost respect. I don’t feel like I’m in an enemy country, everyone is so helpful.”

Mira Eli, head nurse of the maternity ward, said the woman was so thankful the birth went well that she hugged the nursing staff upon seeing her baby.

Eli added that every patient regardless of religion, race or nationality receives the best care, including the Syrian new mother.

“Our job is to make sure that every birth goes well and that the birth mother will remember it as an unforgettable experience,” said Eli. “I’m sure, in this case especially, that she will never forget the birth of her first son and this is a story that will accompany them for the rest of their lives. If they’re allowed to tell about it.”

The new mother also spoke of severe food hardships in her village and noted that the Ziv Medical Center’s meals marked the “first time in ages that [she] ate meat and vegetables. I feel great, I am eating and getting stronger and my sweet little boy is receiving outstanding care. I thank everyone for the devoted care, their concern and understanding.”

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  • Gnarlodious

    Might be a good time to expand the borders but the world would freak out as they prefer to see an interminable civil war.

  • Asad

    I’m just so sure the Syrians would have done the same, had the situation been reversed!

  • Peggy Adm

    The mother in this photo appears to have a moustach, she looks very masculine?

  • Michael Magiera

    Proud to support Israel from thousands of miles away. You are a good and kind country. I wish I had dual citizenship so I could assist your military. I was in the US Army and have been a firefighter for 25 years and a police officer (lieutenant) for 19 years in a city of 1.3 million. Hint, I’m in Texas!

  • Arf

    It is a value of Jews to be thankful for kindness and to remember it. Israeli hospitals and doctors have treated many from Gaza and the PA territory only to have them return as terrorists. Islam views the world differently. A kindness from an enemy infidel is seen as a weakness and an opportunity to destroy them. I’d like to hear what this mother has to say in ten years when she has gone back to her own people. I’d like to think her son won’t grow up to hate Jews and Israel but he will.

  • Ann Smiley Harris

    Praise God for the demonstrable love provided by God’s own people! And for this mother’s speaking out!