Israel equestrian team rides onto world scene

T.E.A.M. Israel launches Israel’s first equestrian team with a design contest for the competition jacket the riders will wear as they aim for Olympic glory.

Neil Young, Timberlake top Israel’s coming concert lineup

From metal to folk rock, pop to alternative – there’s something for all music fans, coming soon to Tel Aviv.

First Vegan Congress to convene in Tel Aviv

Other events this year in Israel: A vegan cookout for Independence Day and a Vegan-Mobile traveling the length of the country.

Choose your own Israel adventure in video

Tourism Ministry invested $195,000 in video it hopes will advance incoming tourism to record-breaking levels.

No medals, plenty of potential

Israeli Olympians in Sochi show the world what’s to come from winter athletes representing a warm-weather country.

Touch typing for the blind, tennis like a pro, and other cool ideas

Four new Israeli crowdfunding campaigns hope to improve sports, technology, health, education and cultural fields.

Israeli web cartoon aims to attract girls to high-tech

Three-dimensional characters Purple and Nine take GoldieBlox to the next level.

Idan Raichel tops world music iTunes downloads

The Israeli star’s ‘Quarter to Six’ album was one of the 10 Best World Albums of 2013 on the Apple online store.

Israel on the Scrabble map

Players from 12 countries are taking part in this year’s Israeli Scrabble Open in Tiberias.

SodaStream’s Super Bowl ad gets banned – goes viral

Israeli carbonated drink maker’s ambassador Scarlett Johansson leaves Oxfam due to a ‘fundamental difference of opinion.’