Winter brings crazy weather to Israel

Amateur videographers shoot waterspout in Tel Aviv; hail in Haifa; floods in the Negev.

The lean, mean startup machine

‘Fail fast, succeed faster’ – that’s the motto for frenetic three-day Lean Startup Machine events like the one hosted in Jerusalem — Israel’s first LSM but likely not the last.

Microsoft Israel’s Innovate for Good contest

Teams of Israeli teens participated in the company’s competition to develop social apps based on requests from nonprofit organizations.

Nursing sea turtles back to health

Blind and injured turtles receive visitors at the Israel Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.

Israeli army pinup girls and new curling team

A new fashion label making the IDF look racy and the fashionable Israel Curling Team turn to crowdfunding to fulfill their respective fantasies.

20,000 cranes fly in to Hula Valley

Israel is a ‘superhighway’ for birds on the wing for the winter from Europe on their way to Africa.

Three Israeli policemen got in a squad car, you’ll be surprised what happens next

Officers take ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ by the mane and offer their roaring hit version.

Catch a ride with Mozart or Tchaikovsky

Ra’anana Symphonette Orchestra records short classical music pieces for Ra’anana-Tel Aviv bus route.

Waze gets spoofed!

‘The Waze Runner’ mashes up mobile navigation app with sci-fi flick.

Israel to host world’s largest vegan festival

A model’s dairy exposé and a vegan activist’s big win on ‘Big Brother’ add up to thousands more Israelis thinking about adopting a plant-based diet.