Tziporela goes Off-Broadway

Tel Aviv’s nine-member comedy troupe debuts in New York with ‘Odd Birdz’ at the Players Theater, October 14 to November 19.

Lady Gaga lifts Tel Aviv

Provocative pop star and singing legend Tony Bennett surprise 23,000 fans with a duet of ‘I Can’t Give You Anything but Love.’

Posh new Waldorf Astoria opens in Jerusalem

Six years of meticulous construction and restoration of the Palace Hotel have yielded a magnificent world-class hotel in the heart of the capital city.

Vans Israel films a surfer’s paradise

Israel’s surf is the star of two new edgy videos that show off the country’s waves as never before.

Coffee Express, Cofizz and Cofix wage coffee war

Coffee Express and Cofizz out-latte Cofix in the latest battle to claim the monopoly over your pricey java addiction.

A different way of going viral in Israeli hospitals

A flash mob in the emergency ward can get even the bedridden to tap their toes.

Fruitarian paradise

Israeli produce is a seventh heaven for vegetarian, vegan and fruitarian diets.

IDF tributes to American Authors, Pharrell Williams

Israeli soldiers and reservists break out in tension-releasing song during moments of respite from Hamas attacks.

Israelis ante up ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Viral awareness campaign gains support from celebrities and politicians in Israel.

Why a 6-year-old pitched a tent in her living room

Summer in Israel is all about camping – even with Code Red sirens.