Illusionist wows Tel Aviv with hover stunt

Hezi Dean promotes upcoming ‘extreme magic’ stage show with a crowd-pleasing trick on the wall of the Dizengoff Center.

Breaking and entering at Israel’s safecracking contest

High-school students from around the globe pick locks at the 20th Shalhevet Freyer International Physics Tournament.

Tel-O-Fun bike-rental network turns five

Tel Aviv ushers in new wheels, innovative locks for its environmentally friendly share-a-bike program.

How social media is changing Israel’s vote

What was your most memorable moment from this year’s election campaign?

The rise (and fall) of Meerkat?

Will it survive after Twitter cut it off? Pundits are watching the Israeli-American app’s rapid trajectory with awe and uncertainty.

TLV ‘Club Kids’ party hearty

‘People live here like it’s their last day, and more than that, we want to make the last day the best day,’ say the creators of Fagazine.

Framing the TLV bus station

Forget Instagram; 52Frames online ‘photowalk’ group inspires great photography, even in a blighted bus terminal.

ZRRO revolutionizes Android games for TV

Israeli gaming micro-console poised to move past Ouya, Razer and let users play hands-on games with ‘hover’ technology.

Israeli-style ‘Secret Santa’ for Purim

New online social game draws 1,000 Israelis to the post office bearing Purim goodie packages for total strangers.

Why is baby crying?

Waa, a concept device that instantly shows parents what’s bothering baby, won a student competition at Israel’s first-ever Internet of Things conference.