Three Israeli policemen got in a squad car, you’ll be surprised what happens next

Officers take ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ by the mane and offer their roaring hit version.

Catch a ride with Mozart or Tchaikovsky

Ra’anana Symphonette Orchestra records short classical music pieces for Ra’anana-Tel Aviv bus route.

Waze gets spoofed!

‘The Waze Runner’ mashes up mobile navigation app with sci-fi flick.

Israel to host world’s largest vegan festival

A model’s dairy exposé and a vegan activist’s big win on ‘Big Brother’ add up to thousands more Israelis thinking about adopting a plant-based diet.

15 things to do in Israel during Sukkot

Israel is chockfull of activities throughout the week-long harvest festival.

Yom Kippur in photos

This day, when almost everything grinds to a halt, is different in Israel than anywhere else in the world.

Brangelina crazy about Krav Maga

Hollywood power couple takes up Israeli self-defense to get in shape for new film, ‘By the Sea,’ being filmed in Malta.

Tracking eyeglasses and eyeballs; smart charging for your phone

Seatylock, Bleep, Look, Offer Green: four new Israeli crowdfunding campaigns you should know about.

Wanted: New job for Shimon Peres

He may be 91, but that doesn’t mean Peres is ready to stop just yet.

Putting Druze cooking secrets on the table

Village Flavors festival in the Druze town of Julis will provide a taste of authentic dishes as well as a celebration of the Druze way of life.