Come see what cans can be

Israel’s first Canstruction exhibit aims to raise awareness about food rescue, minimizing food waste and addressing hunger.

Israeli apps already ticking on Apple Watch

Glide, JoyTunes, 24me, TL;DR and Vonage among the made-in-Israel applications already available on Apple’s new wearable.

Sandboarding in the Negev

30-meter-high sand dunes offer perfect adventure thrill for families.

Happy Independence Day, Israel!

ISRAEL21c spotlights videos, articles, photo collages marking Israel’s birthdays.

How sticky tape and ingenuity saved a kangaroo’s life

Israeli veterinarians hop into action and successfully return nursing joey to mother’s pouch.

Tel Aviv goes up, up and away

Israel’s newest tourist attraction is a hot-air balloon ride over Tel Aviv.

A $3,500 suite at the crossroads of cool

Come along as ISRAEL21c tours some of the most luxurious guestrooms money can buy on Tel Aviv’s beachfront.

Passover fun, tech style

Which tells the Passover story best, the Technion’s Rube Goldberg-type machine or BGU’s Passover domino chain? Watch and decide.

Mission Afikoman ensures Passover gifts for at-risk kids

Israeli high-tech upgrades US Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program and urges startup community to fulfill children’s wishes.

Israel’s Haim sisters conquer Arab music world

Not to be confused with the American pop band, Tair, Liron and Tagel Haim freshen up the music world with hip-hop Yemenite beats.