Gusting winds and falling people

Israel’s first real winter storm blows in a white front with slips, slides and excitement all around.

How Israel’s president became a hero of 2014

Reuven ‘Rubi’ Rivlin’s hard-line image softened to champion of civil rights of Palestinians and friendliest neighbor in the ‘hood.

Animals on the lam in Israel

Rihanna, Karnivala and Keren walked past a sleeping guard into the Ramat Gan Safari parking lot. But where did the emu come from?

Israelis go gaga over recycling

Green, blue, yellow and orange bins – and a viral video – have everyone in Israel psyched up for recycling.

ISRAEL21c’s top 10 videos of the year

From Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ to videos on capoeira, hula hoops and chocolate, we bring you ISRAEL21c’s top 10 videos of 2014.

Noa Tishby speed-dates comics

It was all in good fun, for the benefit of the audience at Comedy for a Change in Jerusalem.

When doctors get cuddly

Tel Aviv mom plays nurse during Teddy Bear Hospital program to alleviate kindergartners’ fear of medical procedures.

Put the Ilanot Forest on your to-do list

A family outing to this one-of-a-kind arboretum serves up delightfully unusual activities, including a labyrinth and QR codes for trees.

The best of the Christmas markets in Israel

Although just two percent of the Israeli population identifies as Christian, Christmas markets do a brisk business in December.

Eight fun facts about Hanukkah

Do you know where the word ‘dreidel’ comes from, and how many calories are in a sufganiyah? ISRAEL21c has the answers.