20,000 cranes fly in to Hula Valley

Israel is a ‘superhighway’ for birds on the wing for the winter from Europe on their way to Africa.

Three Israeli policemen got in a squad car, you’ll be surprised what happens next

Officers take ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ by the mane and offer their roaring hit version.

Catch a ride with Mozart or Tchaikovsky

Ra’anana Symphonette Orchestra records short classical music pieces for Ra’anana-Tel Aviv bus route.

Waze gets spoofed!

‘The Waze Runner’ mashes up mobile navigation app with sci-fi flick.

Israel to host world’s largest vegan festival

A model’s dairy exposé and a vegan activist’s big win on ‘Big Brother’ add up to thousands more Israelis thinking about adopting a plant-based diet.

15 things to do in Israel during Sukkot

Israel is chockfull of activities throughout the week-long harvest festival.

Yom Kippur in photos

This day, when almost everything grinds to a halt, is different in Israel than anywhere else in the world.

Brangelina crazy about Krav Maga

Hollywood power couple takes up Israeli self-defense to get in shape for new film, ‘By the Sea,’ being filmed in Malta.

Tracking eyeglasses and eyeballs; smart charging for your phone

Seatylock, Bleep, Look, Offer Green: four new Israeli crowdfunding campaigns you should know about.

Wanted: New job for Shimon Peres

He may be 91, but that doesn’t mean Peres is ready to stop just yet.