Back to school, Israeli-style

Teachers, students and parents take a deep breath as schools across Israel start today.

You need a cat to deal with an Internet troll

Israeli programmer creates Google Chrome extension that blocks annoying Web comments with a cute cat icon.

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Wandering no more

10 apps made in Israel that are revolutionizing our journeys.

Israeli photographer has blog world barking for joy

The New York Times recommended Dan Balilty’s exhibition even before he has finished the project.

Israeli startup introduces gourmet Dead Sea salt

Kickstarter campaign for Naked Sea Salt meets funding goal in 48 hours; shows cooperation between Arab and Israeli companies.

NFL names hummus as its official dip

Israel’s favorite food gets new introduction to American football fans

Humans of … Israel

Inspired by Humans of New York, Israeli photographers have launched similar Facebook pages featuring the people of Safed, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Israel.

Top five things to do at Israel’s markets

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