The best of the Christmas markets in Israel

Although just two percent of the Israeli population identifies as Christian, Christmas markets do a brisk business in December.

Eight fun facts about Hanukkah

Do you know where the word ‘dreidel’ comes from, and how many calories are in a sufganiyah? ISRAEL21c has the answers.

#LightForLima in the Holy City

Jerusalem joins global interfaith action on climate change with unprecedented solar light march around the Old City walls.

All the power you need

How an Israeli-made solar-powered generator will revolutionize emergency rescue and everyday life in Africa.

Printing the cars of the future

Israeli-made Objet1000 3D Production System used to make a full-scale model of an electric city car, StreetScooter, being tested in Germany.

Power charge your phone at the café

Starbucks and Powermat roll out revolutionary wireless charging stations to banish ‘dead battery anxiety.’

Psst: Secret Tel Aviv

The website, FB page and e-zine are no longer such a secret, as 50,000 young immigrants use Secret Tel Aviv to find events, jobs, housing and much more.

Fashion Behind Bars

Models strutted the runway in inmate-designed couture at Neve Tirza women’s prison last week, bringing high fashion to the Big House.

What smells so good in that box?

A new culinary shipping service brings the best tastes of Israel to US mailboxes.

Fancy a revolutionary folding suitcase?

Touch-free smartphone, wearable eating monitor, expandable suitcase and an eco-sustainable shelving unit among latest choices.