1,000 parasols shade a Jerusalem street

The Umbrellas Street Project is adorning Yoel Moshe Solomon Street in the historic Nachalat Shiva district all summer, though October 5.

Elastic bands and racing boats

Teams compete in the 2015 TechnoBrain competition to see who can make the best boat powered by elastic bands.

Israeli ‘crusaders’ relive Battle of Hattin

Historical clubs band together for reenactment of one of the most significant battles of the Crusades, from 828 years ago.

50 shades of white

Hundreds of thousands of people celebrated annual White Night in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv goes all out for White Night

Dozens of events take place at the same time throughout the city starting in the early hours of the evening and ending in the wee hours of the morning.

Wind-up teeth graffiti chomps into Tel Aviv cityscape

‘The concept is to make people notice this piece of abandoned real estate and the issues around it.’

Whiskey from the Holy Land

New Golan Heights distillery hopes to become Israel’s second producer of kosher single-malt spirits.

Blattmania gets Israelis up at 3am for NBA finals

The Midwest team has become ‘Israel’s team’ in the NBA and is even known as ‘David Blatt’s Cavaliers.’

The Curious Incident of the Mossad in the Night-Time

#MossadStoleMyShoe: Social media goes berserk over charges that Mossad breaks into home and steals shoe of British Muslim activist.

Let us talk to a real person!

Staged protest in Tel Aviv calls attention to need for customer-service centers to enter the digital age.