Spirit of the Tel Aviv Marathon

From runners to mothers to cleaners with the occasional oddball, too. Photographer Ilanit Turgeman looks at the people who made 2014′s Tel Aviv Marathon a joyous celebration.

Sunshine and a cool breeze. These were the perfect weather conditions that greeted runners at the 6th annual Tel Aviv Marathon.

Styling itself as a joyous “Non-stop Party” in keeping with Tel Aviv’s reputation as the “Non-stop City”, the Marathon is a multi-course event for runners of various ages, levels and styles to participate. Six different courses are offered: Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10k, 5k, a children’s mini-Marathon and a hand-cycle race for people with special needs.

As with all sporting events, dozens of photographers lie in wait along the race course in hopes of getting quick shots to sell later on to the red-faced, sweaty competitors after they’ve proudly crossed the finish line.

Others, like photographer Ilanit Turgeman take a different, more personal tack. Turgeman has captured the spirit of the run in a series that can be seen on her Facebook page. A small selection is presented here.

Sometimes when you’re running, even during a race, you get a rush of joy…


They say don’t look back during a race but that directive clearly doesn’t apply to mothers…


There’s always that one guy who goes against the grain…


Water was distributed liberally along the way, paving sections of the streets with paper cups. These were later scraped up by Marathon staff…


With the real cleaning, as always, left to municipal workers.


Visit Ilanit Turgeman’s Facebook page to see more of her Tel Aviv Marathon 2014 series.

All photos copyright of Ilanit Turgeman Zaltsgendler. Published by permission.

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