What Israeli Vegans Eat — And Why

A photo interview with 12 Tel Avivians who eschew the use of animal flesh explores the motives, conflict and ideals driving Israel’s Vegan movement.

Photo of the Week – Almond blossom

When the almond trees blossom in Israel, you know spring is on its way.

Orchards of Shadow and Light

Tamar Shalit-Avni’s Ba-Pardes (In the Orchard) is a photographic series depicting cultivated agricultural spaces inhabited by man — or in this case, woman.

Photo of the Week – Anyone for an olive?

You don’t have to be an olive lover to live in Israel, but it certainly helps.

Urban animals

The beloved domestic pets, feral waifs and sad strays of Israel’s cities are the focus of a new photo exhibition by Orna Naor.

Photo of the Week – Thank heavens for winter sun

Fed up with winter? Take a trip to Israel’s sunshine capital – Eilat.

Israel Eco-celebrates Tu B’Shvat

Recycling and composting join tree-planting as Israel’s way to celebrate Tu B’shvat, the New Year of the Trees.

Photo of the Week – The Mount of Olives

The sun bursts through a cloud at the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

Blooming Cyclamen brave the cold

In time for for next week’s Tu b’Shvat holiday, the pretty pink Cyclamen has made its annual appearance.

Photo of the Week – The Negev goes green

In the wake of Israel’s winter storms, the first shoots are emerging in the Negev, turning the desert green.