Photo finish for Musrara photo-therapy grads

Graduates of a unique program in photographic art therapy at the Naggar School of Photography in Musrara, Jerusalem explore intimate, sometimes difficult topics.

Photo of the Week – Paying respect

More than 20,000 people turned out in Haifa for the funeral of a lone soldier after relatives said they were worried his funeral would be empty.

Brutalism’s Beer Sheva Comeback

The style known as Brutalism that built modern-day Beer Sheva is examined in two new exhibitions and a new architectural guide.

Photo of the Week – Wedding under fire

A bride takes cover with her guests when the siren goes off during her wedding.

Along the Protective Edge

All week, Israelis have been sharing images of air raids and missile interceptions but there are other stories to be shared as well.

Photo of the Week – Nothing stops for the game

Rocket fire across the country won’t stop Israelis enjoying the semi-finals of the World Cup.

Exploring Reading Terminal

Photographer Esty Meidan captures the mystery of an off-limits north Tel Aviv landmark, the Reading electric power station.

Photo of the week – Israel grieves

Israelis light candles in memory of the three kidnapped boys, Gilad, Naftali and Eyal.

Israeli Art + Industry = Alive + Well

A unique event, Omanuta’asia, brought together industrialists, engineers and artists to discuss the complex relationship between creation, product and humanity in modern-day Israel.

Photo of the Week – Chilling on Rothschild

Tel Aviv residents take a few moments out to read a book at one of the city’s new street libraries.