Photo of the Week – Kingfisher

Israel is one of the best places on earth for bird-spotting.

Tel Aviv Fanta-sea

The spirit of surrealism infuses Eran Yerushalmi’s work. No less surreal: his dreamlike images are created with an iPhone only. And then there’s that Big Brother connection…

Photo of the Week – Jerusalem bursts into color

Thousands of Christian Evangelists attended a parade in Jerusalem to mark the Jewish holiday of Sukkot.

Jerusalem Forest

An exhibition of large-format prints at a unique gallery unearths secrets hidden within Jerusalem’s urban wildlife refuge.

Photo of the Week – Mushrooms at Timna

UNESCO World Heritage site Timna Park is home to the world’s first copper mines, dug some 6,000 years ago.

Hot Air Balloon Festival 2014 – Pt. 2

An up-close view of the International Hot Air Balloon Festival – Israel’s largest to date.

Hot Air Balloon Festival 2014

This year’s Hot Air Balloon Festival was Israel’s largest to date with local and international balloonists passing over the country in spectacular airborne style.

Photo of the Week – Tel Aviv takes to the beach

With Succot underway, Tel Avivians take to the sea to enjoy the end of summer sunshine.

Post-harvest celebration… and innovation

In biblical times, Sukkot celebrated the post-harvest handling of the growing season’s yield. In that same spirit, modern-day Israel boasts world-class expertise in ingathering and improving food reserves.

Photo of the Week – Boat by the Kinneret

An abandoned boat lies on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.