Photo of the Week – Back to school

After a difficult summer, Israel’s children prepare to go back to school.

Animal Magic at the Safari

A special multimedia event at the Ramat Gan Safari turned the zoo into a sound and light experience for the whole family.

Photo of the Week – Nuns on the Via Dolorosa

Nuns celebrate the death and resurrection of the Virgin Mary in Israel this week.

Conflict Within & Without

A new exhibition of urban photography explores the conflicts that are part and parcel of Israeli society.

To Dine For

No ordinary ceramics exhibition, The Banquet explores plates and platters as platforms for the celebration of food and the art of eating.

Photo of the Week – Storytime for southern kids

Special events for children from Gaza border communities have been taking place all summer. This one was at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem.

A Unique East-West Synthesis

Ashdod’s Museum of Art perseveres under rocket fire as a vibrant center of contemporary art with an exhibit featuring Israeli art that combines Middle Eastern heritage with Western sensibilities.

Photo of the Week – Splashing in the fountain

On a hot summer night, there’s nothing better than a run through a fountain to cool you off.

A Vision of Tranquility

Capturing Tel Aviv at its best, photographer Mario Troiani offers us a brief respite from the madness.

Photo of the Week – Babies in the stairwell

When sirens go off across Israel, hospital staff must crowd with newborn babies into the stairwell for shelter.