Speaking for the Seas

Award-winning US-based Israeli nature photographer Amos Nachoum explores the watery world and advocates for marine life.

The Female Gaze

Photographer Tamar Avni’s new photo series presents portraits of real-life women looking at the camera — calmly, directly and powerfully.

Photo of the Week – Winter begins in Israel

When it rains in Israel, it really rains.

Photage Autumn Impressions

Photographer-scientist Tami Rishona Ellison developed her unique Photage 3D-like illusions to convey Israel’s rich history and textures.

Photo of the Week – Kingfisher

Israel is one of the best places on earth for bird-spotting.

Tel Aviv Fanta-sea

The spirit of surrealism infuses Eran Yerushalmi’s work. No less surreal: his dreamlike images are created with an iPhone only. And then there’s that Big Brother connection…

Photo of the Week – Jerusalem bursts into color

Thousands of Christian Evangelists attended a parade in Jerusalem to mark the Jewish holiday of Sukkot.

Jerusalem Forest

An exhibition of large-format prints at a unique gallery unearths secrets hidden within Jerusalem’s urban wildlife refuge.

Photo of the Week – Mushrooms at Timna

UNESCO World Heritage site Timna Park is home to the world’s first copper mines, dug some 6,000 years ago.

Hot Air Balloon Festival 2014 – Pt. 2

An up-close view of the International Hot Air Balloon Festival – Israel’s largest to date.