A Personal Panorama of Israel

Photographer Moti Pinhassi uses low-tech methods to create beautiful panoramas of Israel while implementing high-tech media to get them into the public eye.

Photo of the week: Celebrating Mimouna

Pastries and sweets lie piled on a table ready for Mimouna – a traditional holiday celebrated by Moroccan Jews the day after Passover.

Traces of the Sabra

An exhibition by photographer Oded Balilty examines the plant long considered the symbol of the native-born Israeli.

Photo of the Week – Easter greetings

Roman Catholic priests take part in a candle lit procession at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

Beautiful Israel in Green

An exhibition of Israel’s finest flora accompanies Passover holiday vacationers en route to the duty-free at Ben-Gurion Airport.

Photo of the Week – Matza anyone?

It only takes a few minutes to make matza bread from start to finish.

Gazelle Valley’s New Lease on Life

Jerusalem’s rejuvenated Emek HaTzvaim — a unique ecological habitat situated in the heart of urban space — reopens this week after years of controversy.

Photo of the Week: Ashkelon National Park

A fascinating mix of old and new.

Crumbs / Land of the Living

Photographer Leora Cheshin explores life’s cracks, crevices and shadows in two series.

Photo of the Week – Dog days

A dog keeps an eye on the world in Jerusalem.