Going To the Mattresses

Documentarian Nurit Kedar on the safe haven of hotel beds in all their slept-in, wrinkled and rumpled glory.

Photo of the Week – Feeding the sharks

Visitors in Eilat watch a diver prepare to feed the sharks at an aquarium on the beach.

Tel Aviv On Top

Tel Aviv has recently been recognized as a great place to work and live. That’s a fact photographer Mario Troiani wants to share.

Photo of the Week – Inside the Aedicule

A lone candle burns at the entrance to the Aedicule at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

A Passion for Action

Extreme sports enthusiast Guy Fattal combines his love for action and adventure with award-winning photographic excellence.

Photo of the Week – Flowers and tanks

Flower beds at Nir Yitzhak replace the tanks and soldiers stationed there during last summer’s conflict with Gaza.

Israeli Landscape

A new exhibit at the Open Museum in the Negev focuses on Israel’s landscapes from different perspectives.

Photo of the Week – Fire over the Old City

A fire-breather puts on a show on the Old City walls of Jerusalem.

Archeology of the Present at the Venice Biennale

Artist Tsibi Geva wraps the Israel pavilion in tires for a new installation at the 56th International Biennale in Venice, Italy.

Israel Independence Day: Flags, Falafel & Flying

A review of the ceremonies, gadgets and trappings unique to our Israel Independence Day celebrations.