A different view of Jerusalem in snow

Snow in Jerusalem, again? Photographer Marco Jona puts a fresh, new twist on what is becoming an annual event.

Photo of the Week – Snow story

Heavy snow falls in the town of Tzur Hadassah, outside of Jerusalem.

A Feast for the Eyes

Two exhibitions of food photos taken by the country’s top chefs celebrate what makes food in Israel so great: a fusion of Eastern and Western cuisines, new approaches to traditional dishes, fresh ingredients — and passion.

Photo of the Week – Winter Noise

Dancers taking part in Jerusalem’s Winter Noise festival this month liven up the city’s famous Machane Yehuda market.

Asylum Seeker Takes Refuge in Art

Using only a mobile phone camera, Sudanese refugee Noureldin Musa finds beauty in the desert surroundings of his present residence: the Holot Detention Center.

Photo of the Week – Nimrod’s Fortress

Built in the 13th century, Nimrod’s Fortress in the Golan Heights is a stunning place to explore local history.

Revealing the Collective Memory

Working with traditional materials in an non-traditional fashion, photographer Moria Lahis has created a series of contemporary photos that evoke a feeling of the past.

Photo of the Week – Epiphany at the Jordan

Pilgrims are baptised in the Jordan River.

Salt of the Earth

Photographer Elisheva Shaked examines the complex relationship between nature and a landscape scarred by human hands.

Photo of the Week – Banias torrent

During the summer it’s one of Israel’s most tranquil spots, in the winter the Banias Waterfall becomes a raging torrent.