Spirit of the Tel Aviv Marathon

From runners to mothers to cleaners with the occasional oddball, too. Photographer Ilanit Turgeman looks at the people who made 2014′s Tel Aviv Marathon a joyous celebration.

Photo of the Week – Crazy kite-surfing

When the winds are right, Israel’s beaches fill with kite-surfers.

Hof HaTzuk – Meetings in the Sea

Photographer Shmulik Livyatan captures the swimmers, surfers and sailors of Tel Aviv’s Hof HaTzuk, a cliffside beach whose geological formation is unique in the world.

Photo of the Week – The south goes red

In February every year, Israel’s desert turns red as the parched earth suddenly blossoms with millions of wild anemones.

Along the Israel Trail

From day trips to months long treks, whether sleeping outdoors or at guesthouses on the way — including a unique, new Arab-Jewish hostel — there are many ways to enjoy the Israel National Trail.

Photo of the Week – Storm coming

A storm hits Tel Aviv marina… okay, at least in the picture it does.

What Israeli Vegans Eat — And Why

A photo interview with 12 Tel Avivians who eschew the use of animal flesh explores the motives, conflict and ideals driving Israel’s Vegan movement.

Photo of the Week – Almond blossom

When the almond trees blossom in Israel, you know spring is on its way.

Orchards of Shadow and Light

Tamar Shalit-Avni’s Ba-Pardes (In the Orchard) is a photographic series depicting cultivated agricultural spaces inhabited by man — or in this case, woman.

Photo of the Week – Anyone for an olive?

You don’t have to be an olive lover to live in Israel, but it certainly helps.