Under the Waves

The delicate balance between modern living and the magical undersea world off the Sinai peninsula is the subject of a new exhibit by photographer Tsur “Tsuf” Pelly at Ramat-Gan’s Man and the Living World Museum.

Jerusalem Instagrammed

More than 3,000 city residents shared photos over the Jerusalem Municipality’s social media using the hashtag #jerusalem24_7.

Photo of the Week – Sunset over Tel Aviv

Sunset over Tel Aviv

Simchat Torah snaps

Snapshots of Simchat Torah in Israel celebrations documented, Instagrammed and shared via Statigram.

Photo of the week – Sukkot in Jerusalem

Harvest holiday brings Israelis and visitors into the great outdoors.

Kapparot in Israel 5774

An arresting photo essay by Orna Naor documenting the pre-Yom Kippur ritual of kapparot and the people who practice it still.

Photo of the week – Yom Kippur in Tel Aviv

Children take their bikes out for a spin on the deserted streets of Tel Aviv as Israel celebrates the religious holiday of Yom Kippur.

A Night of Light

Last night’s Night of Scientists took “Touching the Stars” as its theme, with Israel’s research institutions and museums presenting the wonders of space exploration to the public, young and old.

Photo of the Week – Two boys in Jerusalem

For this week’s Photo of the Week, thanks go to ISRAEL21c reader Wendy who sent us this beautiful shot of two boys standing in a Jerusalem street.

Moments of Grace – Rays of Light

To celebrate the New Year, photographer Noam Chen has released an online greeting card guaranteed to lift the spirits, even in troubling times.