Local Testimony 2013

The 10th annual Local Testimony photojournalism exhibition features works that bear witness to the events of the past year.

Photo of the Week – Jerusalem at sunset

Sunset on a roof in the Muslim Quarter, the sounds of the city drifting up on the air.

A-birding we will go

The 3rd annual Hula Bird Festival brought together bird lovers and birdwatchers, both Israeli and international, photographers and of course flocks of migrating birds.

Photo of the week – On the run in Jerusalem

Runners take to the streets at night in Jerusalem to run 10km around the city’s best loved landmarks.

Autumn leaves – Israel style

With camera in hand, photographer Yehoshua Halevi captures the unexpectedly bold and vivid colors of Israel’s fall foliage.

Photo of the week: Walking the dog

A boy takes a rest from walking his dog on Tel Aviv’s trendy Rothschild Boulevard.

LA supports Israel

Native-born Israeli photographer Noam Chen documented a series of Los Angeles fund-raisers for Israel and came away impressed by some unexpected surprises.

Found Beauty at Israel Design Season

Holon’s Israeli Design Season features works made from junk that’s given a second chance: recycled items, readymades and found objects turned into art and design.

Photo of the Week – Tel Aviv Fashion Night

Fashionistas were out in force last week to celebrate Tel Aviv’s first ever fashion night.

Israel’s Women of Rock

Israel’s female rockers shine through the lens of photographer Guy Prives.