Matza… and other delights

Food photographer Yula Zubritsky explores the ins and outs of matza in a holiday-themed photo series.

Photo of the Week – Western Wall clear up

It’s not just Israeli homes that get hit by a pre-Passover clean up – so do the ancient stones of the Wailing Wall.

Rishon LeZion hosts International Photography Festival

The link between photography and memory is the theme of this year’s annual festival, dedicated to exploring the role of contemporary photography and art in society, culture and community.

Photo of the Week – Fisherman in Tiberias

Things haven’t changed that much over the centuries for the fishermen that ply the waters of the Sea of the Galilee.

Safe haven for endangered flowers

Rare plants from the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens — the largest plant collection in Israel.

Photo of the Week – Purim is a serious business

Dressing up might be fun for some – but it’s a serious business for these tots.

Tel Aviv Photo 2014

The 4th annual Tel Aviv Photo 2014 exhibition presents works by Israeli photographers from all fields: commercial, art, fashion, journalism, documentary and more.

Photo of the Week – Israel dresses up

Kings, queens, devils, nuns, clowns, camels, cartoon characters – you can never quite be sure who you’ll meet on the streets of Israel at Purim.

Making Faces at the Tel Aviv Port

In time for the Purim holiday, the Partzufim art show presents works that explore the human face as mask.

Photo of the Week – Winter’s last fling

After the driest winter on record, Israel gets hit with a sudden taste of rain.