LA supports Israel

Native-born Israeli photographer Noam Chen documented a series of Los Angeles fund-raisers for Israel and came away impressed by some unexpected surprises.

Found Beauty at Israel Design Season

Holon’s Israeli Design Season features works made from junk that’s given a second chance: recycled items, readymades and found objects turned into art and design.

Photo of the Week – Tel Aviv Fashion Night

Fashionistas were out in force last week to celebrate Tel Aviv’s first ever fashion night.

Israel’s Women of Rock

Israel’s female rockers shine through the lens of photographer Guy Prives.

Photo of the Week – Autumn leaves

Autumn has arrived in Israel and the days are getting shorter and the nights cooler. Already the leaves are beginning to fall from trees across the country.

Black Box opens up Jerusalem’s art world

Jerusalem’s art exhibition season opens with Black Box, an exhibition of photographic images on billboards that is definitely not about advertising.

Photo of the week – Biking Tel Aviv’s promenade

Sea views, cityscapes, restaurants, cafes and performers – the Tel Aviv promenade has it all.

Under the Waves

The delicate balance between modern living and the magical undersea world off the Sinai peninsula is the subject of a new exhibit by photographer Tsur “Tsuf” Pelly at Ramat-Gan’s Man and the Living World Museum.

Jerusalem Instagrammed

More than 3,000 city residents shared photos over the Jerusalem Municipality’s social media using the hashtag #jerusalem24_7.

Photo of the Week – Sunset over Tel Aviv

Sunset over Tel Aviv