A Night of Light

Last night’s Night of Scientists took “Touching the Stars” as its theme, with Israel’s research institutions and museums presenting the wonders of space exploration to the public, young and old.

Photo of the Week – Two boys in Jerusalem

For this week’s Photo of the Week, thanks go to ISRAEL21c reader Wendy who sent us this beautiful shot of two boys standing in a Jerusalem street.

Moments of Grace – Rays of Light

To celebrate the New Year, photographer Noam Chen has released an online greeting card guaranteed to lift the spirits, even in troubling times.

Photo of the Week – bee story

Like bees to the honey.

Jerusalem – Free… and now in HD

Free Israel Photos and Jerusalem.com have a common goal: to share Israel’s beauty with the world while new movie, JERUSALEM, aims to do the same with stunning 3D aerial photography.

Israel’s Birds Observed

Nature photographer Marco Jona frequents Israel’s bird observatories to capture feathered friends on their migratory paths. With 500 million birds passing through every year, its enough to keep any nature photographer busy.

Photo of the Week – kid’s night

Let the children play! Children in Jerusalem cool down on a hot August night.

BroadBand – New Israeli Photo Magazine

Jerusalem’s Hadassah College’s photography department has published a new online magazine and blog dedicated to photography, video and new media in Israel and beyond.

Magnificent Lodgings Around Israel

Photographer Assaf Pinchuk has captured some of the country’s most amazing and beautiful homes and hotels within his lens.

Urbanik Takes Art To the Streets

Tel Aviv’s Florentine neighborhood provides inspiration, material and the location for a new gallery and exhibition by photographer Daniel Siboni as he takes a street’s-eye view of fashion imagery.