Ebola continues to rampage out of control through West Africa. Image via

Scientists develop technique to knock out superbugs

As new superbugs become dangerously resistant to antibiotics, Israeli researchers have found a way to use the bugs’ mechanics to knock them dead. The deadly superbug MRSA, a bacterium resistant to most common antibiotics is increasingly being found in hospitals …

An IVF-autism link

Children conceived through IVF are three times more likely to suffer autism, new evidence from Israel suggests. Early intervention and cautious therapeutic choices are advised.

Cheers! A wine that’s good for you [video]

It is pomegranate season in Israel, and ISRAEL21c takes a look at a winery in the north that is one of very few worldwide making pomegranate wines. At Rosh Hashana (the Jewish new year), the fruit of choice is …

“Go Greek” at dinner to fight UV rays

The secret to protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays is right there on your dinner plate, says an Israeli researcher who shows that the Mediterranean diet offers protection from skin cancer.


The male pill women have been waiting for [video]

ISRAEL21c broke the story about a new male birth control pill being developed in Israel. Now in a new video feature we take an in-depth look at the development. A potential treatment developed by an Israeli professor to treat infertility …

Killing cancer, without killing healthy cells

A new molecular-level imaging technology from Israel can detect diseases in the cells themselves, and target cancer cells directly, without harming healthy ones. Apoptosis (cell death) occurring in the brain. The majority of diseases begin the same way – with …

New Israeli treatment kills HIV cells

A new treatment that destroys HIV-infected human cells without damaging healthy ones has been developed by a team of Israeli researchers. Researchers at Hebrew University of Jerusalem may have made a major step forward in the race against AIDS. The …

Preventing pneumonia and saving billions

Preventing pneumonia and saving billions

An Israeli engineer has developed a new intubation device that may save billions of dollars in health expenses each year. LunGuard’s peristaltic feeding tube may significantly lower the rates of pneumonia in parents on ventilation. Like indoor plumbing, not much has …

The gene at the heart of pain

A gene affecting chronic pain caused by nerve injury has been identified by Israeli and international researchers, opening the way for new treatment approaches.